Free download characters for Poser, DAZ Studio, Genesis 3-8 Male & Female and other

In this sections you will find character models for Daz Studio and Poser. This is a very wide library with any imaginable character present. All the characters are fully modeled, with both models and textures being ready for rendering. Therefore, an artist who wants to use the models, will just need to place them into his environment and render them, and they will be good to go. Our site also offers tons of the best environments for any kind of scenes.

This section of our site contains not only human models, but also tons of animal and monster characters too. If you are going to make a fantasy setting in your movie, then you will definitely need lots of those There are many creature meshes and textures available, and they are all animated too, so you will be able to edit them into your artwork with ease. All this can be done with the poser. There are lots of models for monsters from video games and movies. This makes the most insane crossovers possible, and the results depend only on your creativity.

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The human characters in our library are all made with Genesis 8 and Genesis 3. This means you will be able to do absolutely any kind of animation and posing with them. The models made with Genesis are always photorealistic. It is possible to model scenes that will look almost like real life. The textures and materials for these meshes are fine tuned to look exactly like real human beings. This is what makes Genesis one of the best sources of photorealistic models.

There are both male and female models available here in very good detail. You will be able to download them for free, and this is true for all the models in this category. We have models of popular anime characters, video game characters and heroes from comic books. You will be able to get high polygon meshes of Victoria, Aiko and many other popular characters.

The meshes that you download here will be able to work with any engine, and you will be able to import them into Blender and many other engines. They will also work with complex lighting, such as V-Ray and similar programs, making it possible to make very beautiful artwork.

You will be able to use these meshes with the Poser to create various art scenes. If you search in our other categories, you will find lots of models for architecture, houses, rooms and nature. With them you will be able to place these characters into an interesting environment to create beautiful fan art. You can download gigabytes of meshes for furniture, plants, trees, buildings and much more. All with textures and compatibility with V-Ray and Corona.

There are also lots of 18+ models for creating sex scenes. With the customizable nude models you will be able to create the hottest scenes with your favorite characters. This will be a great way to make the hottest fan art for any of you favorite games, anime or comics. There are also many models of sexy outfits, toys and many more hot things for you to play with on our site. Animations, textures and effects are also available. All of them can be used with Daz and Poser to create the most intense erotic art.

Once you have downloaded a character model, go ahead to find some clothing, armor and weapons for them on our site. Then add them to any of the environments that you can download on our site, and proceed to model any scene or movie. Artwork made with Daz and Poser can be found on DeviantArt, ArtErotica and many other platforms that publish high quality fan art. The amount of scenes you can make is only limited by your imagination.