Free download textures for Daz Studio and Poser characters and clothing

This section of our site is reserved for textures. It hard to believe how barren and empty any 3D world would be without textures. While meshes are necessary, they will not look good without textures. Textures give your world color and volume, and they make it ossible to make it much more lifelike.

It is only with realistic human textures that our loved Genesis model became so close to being like a real human being. And textures are also needed to make the clothes, props and other things appear realistic. With multiple layers of textures you will be able to not just make a character look realistic, but also give them a distinct personality and make them stand out from all the other characters in your render, movie or even game.

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Textures are also used in order to make many different renders with a single mesh For example, in Daz you will be able to download a single dress and multiple textures for it. These textures will be very useful if you decide your character should wear a red dress instead of a green or blue one. There will be multiple textures provided wit the model that will make it possible to recolor the model in many different ways. All this will be very useful when you decide to make many different renders with a single model.

Also the textures will help you change the appearance of a model. If you decide that a certain model should look old or worn, you will not need to change anything – just add a shader! There are many textures that can be used as shaders on our site, and you will be able to use them with the Poser when rendering. Apply a shader to any model to get a completely new look and feel from your mesh.

Decals will make it easy to add effects and overlay textures on a model. For example, if you want to add a tattoo to a character’s face or add a stain to a surface, then you can use a transparent texture and add it over the main one. The same technique will work for adding a birthmark or just changing the facial tone of your character. This will make it very easy to change the appearance of models in one short step.

It is also a good idea to tweak the material of your model while you are changing the texture. The material is a property that changes the color, shine and appearance of any model, and it is a good idea to change or tweak it if you are trying to make your model appear a little differently.

All the textures and models on our site are offered for free download, and it will be easy to save them to your computer and use with any software you can think of. There are many new textures for all the things you can find on our site – for weapons, for characters, animals, buildings and more.

Our meshes are all offered in many formats, most of them being published in FBX, OBJ and other very common formats. The textures are also available for downloan in many popular formats, so you can use them with any mesh. This will make it possible to use these models with Blender and many other popular rendering and game engines. The textures and materials will appear the same in any rendering engine.

Out meshes work well with V-Ray and Corona, so it will be easy to use them for the most ambitious projects involving ray tracing and other complex lighting schemes.

With the many textures available here you can make your digital 3D world even more interesting. You can add many more different renders to the ones you have now. The textures on our site are constantly being updated and modernized, so you will keep finding new skins and possible renders for the available models here. The variety of things that you will be able to render with these models and textures is only limited by your creativity.