Free download realistic hair for Daz Studio and Poser characters

In this section you will see all the models that have to do with hair. Yes, hair is a very important part of any character, and you will be amazed at the variety of hairdos we have in this section.

This section is one of the most wide and extensive. In the “hair” section we have a whole 19 pages of models of any kind, and each page contains a lot of distinct models, all unique and interesting. All the models here are made by qualified people that are interested in making truly great 3D modeling, so you can rest assured that all the meshes you find here will work well with any setup. Most of them are offered in very common formats like OBJ, FBX and 3DS.

Daz3D-Poser » Hair

These models are intended for use with the Genesis 8 Male and Genesis 8 Female models. The hair models will work well with the skeletons for these character models, and they will always fit just right. There will be no clipping or similar issues – all the models you will find on our site will work perfectly.

You will be able to use these models in Daz and Poser to make art and videos. The hair will help you give a unique personality to each character. You will be amazed at how much a haircut can do for displaying your character’s personality. A haircut will be able to fully revise the whole look and feel of a personality in your movie or game.

Each Genesis 8.1 character will be able to use any of the hair models offered on our site, and they will work perfectly with any head model. The long hair is also very well animated. For example, there are many models with weights and gravity. This will allow very detailed and realistic animation of long hair. In 3D videos and art this feature will look absolutely fantastic.

The hair models available on our site will be able to work with V-Ray and Corona, making great lighting effects possible. Almost all the models are high-poly, but specifically for use in games we have some lower polygon models that will improve performance a lot.

Hair is often used to describe your character’s personality, and so we have many exaggerated hair styles that will fit a truly unique and new character. There are also many styles from games and anime, so it will be possible for you to create a model of your favorite game or movie character and have them in your 3D world.

There are many different types of hair styles here – you will find lots of female hair, and also many male hairdos as well. The same is also true for beards and whiskers – they also go in the hair category, and they will make it possible to model great male characters. A good beard or moustache model will add so much to your 3D character’s personality. This will enable you to make people from all time periods.

You will be able to download these models for free from our site, and use them as you see fit. Many beautiful animations and artworks are made with Daz and Poser. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how many great models we have for free. There are meshes and textures in high resolution. The textures will complement the models, and make it possible to achieve truly lifelike quality.

The point of the Genesis meshes and textures is to make a fully lifelike character, and our hair models that are available for free download, make it possible to animate fully photorealistic hair and faces. These characters can be used in any of your fantasies – you can make movies, art and even 18+ art.

There are many great creations on Arterotica and Deviantart featuring our models, and there are lots of lovely videos and renders featuring hair models from Daz. The amount of things you can create using our modeling software, meshes and textures is only limited by your creativity.