Free download props 3d-models for Poser, DAZ Studio: environment, plants, vehicles

This is the section for all models of props. Props are useful things that will help you make your 3D-model world even more interesting.

In this category you will be able to find very many models of the most diverse kinds. The meshes and textures in this section are also made to work with Poser and DAZ studio, and therefore, most of our content is provided in FBX, OBJ and 3DS formats.

The meshes in this section of our site will work with IRay, Corona and many other lighting engines. This will make it possible to use the models with any kind of complex software for rendering. It will also enable you to create the most interesting and realistic arts.

Daz3D-Poser » Props

Amongst the models you find here will be many meshes for the environment of your 3D world. For example, there are many meshes and textures for trees, plants, flowers, bushes and more. They will help you pint a much more realistic outdoor setting. You will be able to render a beautiful scene for any fantasy setting.

There are also large and complex models of entire landscapes, and you can model picturesque mountains, forests, valleys, waterfalls, rivers and more. All of this supports the best lighting effects, making it possible to create very lifelike pictures of nature.

There are also many models for a city outdoor setting, and you are advised to check out our wide assortment of models of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles, both contemporary and futuristic. They are compatible with the Genesis framework, and your characters will be able to use them. There are even some larger things, like buses, trains and even spaceships.

Of course there are also plenty of Daz models of buildings and other city architecture. You can build an entire cityscape with the available meshes and textures. These models are pretty high resolution, but are still optimized to provide optimal performance. The building models also provide the possibility of inside lighting.

A very important feature here is the ability to download models of prebuilt rooms. In these setups you will be able to get a large models of a room with all the furniture, lighting and other things premade. Then you can position your characters inside and proceed to start filming an interesting scenes or taking pictures.

There are also plenty of models for weapons and other tools that your characters can hold. All of these models are compatible with the Genesis framework, and will fit right into your world. The weapons vary from medieval swords and spears, to modern weaponry, to futuristic alien guns.

And it is also important to note that a lot of the 18+ stuff has also found its way here. Bondage sets, sexy furniture, beautiful rooms and lots of toys can be found in the props section, so explore this part of our site if you are planning on making a sex scene for Arterotica or another 18+ site.

You will be download all of these things for free, and use them in Poser or any other rendering engine you have. They are compatible with many different kinds of software, and it will be easy to incorporate these models and textures into your world to make it much more interesting.

All the models on our site are made by professional artists, and they are always fine-tuned to perfection before they get posted here on our site. So you can be sure that if you got a model from Daz, then it is superior in quality and will work well with almost any rendering engine you use.

Many of the best 3D artists use models from Daz, and you can start too. All the artwork you create is yours, and the variety of things you can create with our props and characters is limited only by your own creativity.