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CC Puck for Genesis 8.1 Male

Dawnload CC Puck for Genesis 8.1 Male for free
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Title: Characters – CC Puck for Genesis 8.1 Male – download for Daz Studio or Poser


CC Puck for Genesis 8.1 Male is not only a character, but he's a full fae kit for your men from the tips of his horns to his custom toenails. He comes with 4 full skin options - 1 for each season - that take advantage of the PBRSkin shader and Genesis 8.1 Male's UV. He has 2 custom nail shapes - long and claws - that can be used separately from his shape, as well as a toenail shape - claws - that can likewise be used with any character. Similarly, his ear and eye shaping can be used with other characters: 4 pointed ear styles, 2 earlobe styles, larger ears, remove ears, larger iris (reversible), slit pupils, constrict pupils, and dilate pupils. He comes with his own wings that have 3 layers to them and pose controls so you can control each wing individually or in groups. His wings have 4 different styles with 5 colors each, so if you need a dragonfly, butterfly, or moth, you have them. Likewise, his horns have several material styles to them (including a variety of glows) and can even be turned into antennae. He also comes with his own custom FiberMesh brows and anatomical hair. Both are compatible with CC Beard Boss and CC Shave This materials. His brows come with 4 style shapes (Off Face, Peaks, Tall Peaks, and Short Style), as well as 4 modifiers (Longer, Shorter, Thicker, and Thinner) for the individual hairs.

Puck has 21 eye material options, which include 12 regular eye colors, 3 iris glow levels, 4 full eye glows, a sclera darkener, and an eye winterizer. He has 4 makeup style options with 4-5 color options each, with 1 style coordinating with face gems that are included. He has 18 lip color options available in 4 shapes: full, soft, subtle, and understated. There are 3 shine options available for each of the shapes: base, matte, and wet. He also has a shimmer lip option for any of the lip colors and 5 levels of coverage. He also has available 3 ombre choices for any of his lip colors, as well as the option not to use any ombre at all. His nail and toenail options have 18 colors to match his lips, 3 matching levels of shine, and a shimmer option as well.

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