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Wanda Ssbbw Morph for Genesis 8 Female

Dawnload Wanda Ssbbw Morph for Genesis 8 Female for free
Image: Wanda Ssbbw Morph for Genesis 8 Female

Title: Characters – Wanda Ssbbw Morph for Genesis 8 Female – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Wanda is one my most favorite creations thus far! I sculpted her to be a realistic and typical woman of color but then I added on a bevy of shaping options for her that let you turn her into a plump MILF or tune her all the way up to a massive SSBBW! She also has an awesome big butt preset called, "Booty-licious," that has options to turn off weight gain dialsin case you just want a ba-donka-donk look for her. As always, her head and body morphs are separate and she works pretty well with most other Sonsy packs including the lower body and belly sets. If you want to use her with the huge butt dialed in, I would recommend getting the lower body supplemental pack as it contains movement morphs for adjusting the butt when figures are posed walking. I didn't include them here again as they would have been redundant (re-used). Also if you don't want huge breasts, you can turn off the breast related options and even turn off her "Wanda" breasts entirely so that you can use other breast morphs instead. And last but not least, I couldn't help adding in side-to-side swinging morphs for the large breast version of Wanda. Consider those a bonus! I also put a lot of work into her arms being thicker and I know you've all probably noticed when you raise G8's arms, there is no sag to the bottoms no matter how big you dial them in so I have included ARMS UP morphs for each arm separately that smooths the shoulder and fattens the under-arm. There is also options to smooth the neck/shoulder area for each arm when raised. This package includes (34) total morphs all unique for Wanda. She's got a lot going on so enjoy her!

Home Page: _https://www.renderhub.com/heviestate3d/wanda-ssbbw-for-genesis-8-female

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