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Title: Characters – Fifer for Genesis 8 Male – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Fifer is a brave and humble Elfling from a clan with a long lineage of guarding the Elfling Elite Royalty.

From the moment Fifer became of age to fulfill his clan's duties of protecting and defending ,he worked hard and gained immense trust among his superiors while defending the Elfling Elite, his ethics not going unnoticed he was eventually awarded a position in the prestigious Royal Guard, assigned to the princess and future queen Sefora...

Fifer HD is a full custom character with a sculpted head and body morphs by Emrys and textures by Morris for the Genesis 8 Male with a bonus character preset for Drutherson 8.

Fifer's options include skin tones for the different Elfling clans, realistic and vibrant eye colors and Face Paint options including a cute Christmas inspired face-paint perfect for the included Drutherson 8 character preset included!

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