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Binky for Genesis 8 Females

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Image: Binky for Genesis 8 Females

Title: Clothing – Binky for Genesis 8 Females – download for Daz Studio or Poser


In the dark of night while everyone was fast asleep, silently making their way into town, a group of clowns are ready to setup their show for you!


Meet Binky, the leader of the carnival, the Ringmaster of this little shin-dif of cute / creepy clowns, she's ready to add a touch of humor, cuteness and creepy to your Runtime today!

Binky comes literally packed with options so you can customize her exactly how you want to, see below for all that is included with Binky.

Binky comes with all of the following:

1 custom head morph dial
1 custom body morph dial

1 add head shape preset
1 remove head shape preset
1 add body shape preset
1 remove body shape preset
1 add all shape preset
1 remove all shape preset

1 Fibermesh eyebrows with 10 color presets + 6 clown colors

1 full skin texture set

5 Custom full clown makeups (2 'Creepy" 2 "New Age" and 1 "Traditional" looks

1 Daz annatomical elements preset (works with all skin sets)

10 eye color presets + 1 DIY preset to make any color you wish
6 eyelash presets
8 lipgloss presets
11 fingernail and matching toenail presets
22 L.I.E. Makeup presets including: 5 blushes, 6 eyeliners and 12 eyeshadows
31 CLown L.I.E Makeup presets including: 5 white bases, 16 eye parts, 5 mouth parts, 5 nose parts
1 round nail morph with 3 size presets
1 square nail morph with 3 size presets

Home Page: _https://www.renderosity.com/rr/mod/bcs/binky-for-genesis-8-females/156385/

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