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Angewomon for Genesis 8 Female

Dawnload Angewomon for Genesis 8 Female for free
Image: Angewomon for Genesis 8 Female

Title: Clothing – Angewomon for Genesis 8 Female – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Angewomon from the Digimon series for Genesis 8 Female and 8.1

This product contain:

- Angewomon for Genesis 8 and 8.1 separated scene subsets.
- Head and Body morph (included remove option)
- Angewomon full skin.
- Angewomon Hair (The hair is a bit rudimentary but it fit the character and it does have bones for better fitting, you can also hide parts using the bones like the first 3 examples on the presentations renders)
The Hair also contains morphs to use with the helmet and with the helmet open as two different morphs.
- Eyelashes with 2 materials (Blonde and Black)

- Complete Angewomon's Outfit Preset:
- Abdomen Belts both separated as "Top and Bottom"
- Bodysuit (It has a morph to apply pressure with the belts, you can regulate the amount based on the body)
If any clipping occurs try to apply Smoothing Modifier
- Boots (They automatically apply "Heeled Shoe" options / they are designed for that pose)
- Glove (Yes one glove, the left glove have wings with bones that you can rotate, it also have a morph to increase the size to get the effect of a bow if you want to use it that way)
- Helmet (The helmet can be opened, you simple select the middle part and rotate or select the "Open Helmet" option)
TIP: If you prefer the classic look with full solid helmet you can copy the surface from "Helmet" and paste it on "HelmetM"
- Leg Belts (Both as one object)
- Neck Piece
- Sash (It has bones on both ends and on the back, you can also apply dforce if you prefer and play with different results, it's not dforce ready but it will act pretty well with it)
- WINGS - (The Wings are very detailed a fully rigged, they have 24 bones in total that you can rotate as you wish, if you have the patient for it you can even animate them, they also have scale morphs for every pair, you can hide them individually by selecting the bones on the parameters and use it as a single pair of wings for example)

Even though this character was originally designed for Angewomon, it has some really good features that make it versatile enough for other purposes in Daz. With a unique body shape and standout features, so it can be used as any other character in Daz as show on some of the promo images.

Important note: The outfit was designed for Genesis 8 Female and it contains specific corrections for Angewomon Head and Body morphs. However, it may not provide the desired results when used with other body types or exaggerated morphs. In such cases, applying smoothing modifiers may improve it, but it cannot be guaranteed to work perfectly.

Everything comes with 4K high quality textures to enhance your renders

Install directory:
People/Genesis 8 Female/Dumitas/Angewomon

The file comes ready to install using Install Manager to make it easy to uninstall or change location, you can also install in manually using free tools such as 7-Zip.

Home Page: _https://www.renderhub.com/dumitas/angewomon-for-genesis-8-female

Download links:

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