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dForce Sensual Wear G9

Dawnload dForce Sensual Wear G9 for free
Image: dForce Sensual Wear G9

Title: Clothing – dForce Sensual Wear G9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Changes from Original Sensual Wear for G8 Female

1. Sensual Wear G9's panty has been updated with additional geometry over the original.
The Top has been remade from scratch and includes additional folds and geometry in the breasts
area for a wider range of shapes.

2. Sensual Wear G9 has support for Dforce on both the top and panty. The original does not.

3. Sensual Wear G9 has more lace options available than the original.

4. Sensual Wear G9 has pressure morphs for both the top and panty. The original does not.

5. Sensual Wear G9 has simulated effects (shaping presets) morphs which look much better than the original.

6. Sensual Wear G9 has 3 sizes for the wool cloth material. These can help you achieve a different result
based on how close or far the camera is from the clothing. The original Sensual wear only has one size for
the wool material.

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