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Astro Thigh Boots Genesis 9

Dawnload Astro Thigh Boots Genesis 9 for free
Image: Astro Thigh Boots Genesis 9

Title: Clothing – Astro Thigh Boots Genesis 9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Astro Boots for Genesis 9 are the Perfect for Space adventures exploring Strange New Worlds, encountering strange tentaclely beasts and zero-G gymnastics.

The set includes the Boots for the Genesis 9 figure, the default feet pose the boots were modeled to fit, and shaders for for a variety of colors in both clean and worn/grungy looks.
To use the shaders, in the Surfaces Tab, select the surface(s) you want to change and then apply the shader.

These Boots include a number adjustment morphs that along with Autofitting should allow them to fit most shapes.

These boots are not meant to be used with the individual toes not posed.
Posing the individual toes may cause poke through.

The Zippers are set up with Rigid Follow Nodes and may need some
adjustment with some shapes and/or poses

Home Page: _https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/159311

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