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Boudica was a British Celtic warrior queen who led a revolt against Roman occupation. Her date and place of birth are unknown and it's believed she died in 60 or 61 CE. An alternative British spelling is Boudica, the Welsh call her Buddug, and she is sometimes known by a Latinization of her name, Boadicea or Boadacaea. Although her real name is unknown...Boudica derives from bouda, the ancient British word for victory.

Boudica was the wife of Prasutagus, who was head of the Iceni tribe in East England, in what is now Norfolk and Suffolk, in 43 CE, when the Romans invaded Britain, and most of the Celtic tribes were forced to submit. However, the Romans allowed two Celtic kings to retain some of their traditional power. One of these two was Prasutagus.

In 47, the Romans forced the Iceni to disarm, creating resentment. Prasutagus had been given a grant by the Romans, but the Romans then redefined this as a loan. When Prasutagus died in 60 CE, he left his kingdom to his two daughters and jointly to Emperor Nero to settle this debt.
The Romans arrived to collect, but instead of settling for half the kingdom, they seized control of all of it. According to Tacitus, to humiliate the former rulers, the Romans beat Boudica publicly, raped her two daughters, seized the wealth of many Iceni, and sold much of the royal family into enslavement.

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