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HDRI Urban Greens I

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Title: Other – HDRI Urban Greens I – download for Daz Studio or Poser


This product contains 12 HDRIs at 16k, 12 HDRIs at 8k, and a preview size at 1K X 0.5k, 2 Base Render Settings one with ground another without, 2 Base cameras one with DOF, and the other without to use with the ground render settings. And if you own other whitemagus HDRIs you are in luck, because you can use these settings with the other sets.

To light without sharp reflections or background one can use the preview size at 1K it loads faster also provides a better workflow and the light is very similar. One can load the HDRI's from the Render Presets, or directly from the Textures folder in the Runtime Libraries, quick note, set the folder for "Large Icons" so you can see the thumbnails of the HDR and Mat. Ball.

Also, you need to remember to click on the draw dome (on the Render Settings, Environment) when you load and HDRI from start, this is a new feature that was introduced in the last products, because when you are in the "Zone" clicking and experimenting which light HDRI to use and have Tone Mapping and Environment Settings all setup you don't want to reset them every time you load an HDRI, so now you can change the HDRI by click and it won't reset the settings, giving you more freedom to try and test new lights and backgrounds seamlessly.

The new Base settings for render and cameras will simplify and improve your HDRI experience, and this set will empower you with some gorgeous summer light environments.

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/hdri-urban-greens-i

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