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Scene Analyzer Organizer Simplifier

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Title: Other – Scene Analyzer Organizer Simplifier – download for Daz Studio or Poser


This Analysis script will provide a global overview of many parameters of your scene, such as, for instance, as what are the product used (for each node and for the scene), what is heavy in term of mesh and if it comes from subdivision levels, what is heavy in term of texture maps and if these maps are shared between different nodes, which nodes use instances and how many instances target these nodes, if objects are in the half space behind or in front your active camera, as well as the type, category, parent, number of children, volume, distance, the current shaders, material information, etc., etc. of each node. This gives you an excellent overview of your scene, allowing you for instance to rapidly identify which nodes can be problematic in terms of scene weight, or which nodes can be easily unmapped or even removed from your scene.

A configuration script allows you to determine which nodes (all, selected, or selected and children), and which properties you want to analyze using the Analyzer script. Many properties are already included, and the script is designed to grow, more properties can be added in the future. This configuration script remembers your last configuration, and only the analyzed nodes and properties will be displayed using the final Analyzer script.

In the analysis table of the Analyzer, which is the main script displaying node by node all the properties you analyzed organized by columns, you can change the columns width, their order (you can drag and drop the most interesting columns for you on the left of the table). You can sort each column ascending or descending simply by clicking on their title, allowing you to sort your nodes by type, distance, size, category, product, number of faces, material properties, and much more! You can check (or uncheck) manually the nodes you want to act on, but this can also be done automatically using some specific criteria that you can define thanks to the many tools located just on the left of the analysis table.

Indeed, on the left of the final interface, you will find a lot of tools allowing a fast check (a fast selection) or uncheck of nodes depending on specific properties (by product, by type, by category, by number of faces, by position relative to the active camera, by number of maps, etc, etc.).

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/scene-analyzer-organizer-simplifier

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