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MB Skin Transfer Helper

Dawnload MB Skin Transfer Helper for free
Image: MB Skin Transfer Helper

Title: Other – MB Skin Transfer Helper – download for Daz Studio or Poser


DS4 script to assist in converting textures maps from G8F to G9F. Simple to use, with 1 click
the corresponding skin maps (Arms, Body, Head, Legs and Nails) will be converted, in JPG
format (4096x4096), to the G9's "Base Multi UDIM" UV mapping, ready to be edited. The
intention of this script is to carry out 90% of the work necessary for the conversion, leaving
the artist only to finalize and correct any imperfections.
1 - Start a new scene;
2 - Load Genesis 8 Female (or Genesis 8.1 Female) and apply the texture set you want to
3 - With the figure selected, apply the appropriate script. Be patient, it will take about 5
seconds to load all data and start the process.
4 - After the execution of the script, the temporary folder containing the transferred maps will
be shown.
The scripts will be installed at /Scripts/Skin Transfer Helper.
DS 4.21 or higher required.
Q: Will the script generate a material file to be applied to Genesis 9 ?
A: No, this is not the purpose of this script.
Q: Will the script transfer the mouth and/or anatomical parts maps ?
A: No, it will not.
Q: Are the transferred maps perfects and ready for use ?
A: No, you will need to add your own personal touch to the maps to correct any
Q: What kind of maps will be converted (diffuse, roughness, etc) ?
A: It will output the same types of maps used as input. If the source texture set uses a
roughness map, the script will produce a roughness map.

Home Page: _https://www.renderhub.com/mrburns/mb-skin-transfer-helper

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