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NDFP Akhane for Genesis 9

Dawnload NDFP Akhane for Genesis 9 for free
Image: NDFP Akhane for Genesis 9

Title: Other – NDFP Akhane for Genesis 9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


True to their name, Red Demons are reckless and fiery, with an absurdly short fuse. They revel in destruction, and wreaking havoc is part of their untamable nature. Red Demons may be quick to anger, but they are also quick to cozy up to those they deem worthy. Contrary to expectations, they live in the moment and rarely hold grudges or remember past grievances. So long as you don’t cross them, they can be a fun and passionate addition to any party!

Opposite them stand the Blue Demons, known to be detached, indifferent, and even a bit lazy sometimes. That is not to say they aren’t wise and contemplative. Instead, they are hard to motivate and even harder to understand, as their logical nature erects a barrier that keeps emotions at bay. But when the impassive Blue Demons find a purpose, they will latch onto it like dogs to a bone with maddening intensity. So, one must be careful not to become that purpose, or else they get stuck with a loyal, albeit obsessive, blue leech for the rest of their days.

True to the genderless concept, Akhane skin and variations loads without Nipple textures for added flexibility and fluidity. Base and Masculine Nipples can be applied via LIE Preset. There are six skin variants, each supporting both anatomical element options, which rounds them up to 18 Skin Presets.

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