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The Watchmaker and the Automaton

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The Watchmaker and the Automaton is a fine watchmaking workshop where a watchmaker works to create a lasting cyborg legacy...

Drawing on a heritage of traditional skills that have been preserved with exceptional care, the watchmaker and the automaton is reviving an ancestral technique to create a new masterpiece of the decorative arts.

This art comes from an incredible watchmaking legacy, of which the most famous piece is the humanoid automaton. The variety of creations and the meticulous care afforded to every piece, with each one adorned with the finest mechanical, have with time become a true trademark. This art of amazement has become a signature.

As sciences were gaining their authority and the foundations of the industrial revolution were being laid, the watchmaker strove to make his trade a genuine challenge: that of copying life itself. His automata were to amaze many audiences. Reviving this Art of Astonishment, the watchmaker now reveals its newest treasure. In this digital age, this craftsman created a woman's automaton a completely animated mechanical, humanoid that would not look out of place in a sci-fi movie.

The watchmaking workshop is an intensely detailed kit bringing your library a perfect environment for scenes ranging from the historical, victorian, fantasy-like, and poetry.

150 independent pieces make up this set!

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