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Art Theory Face Morphs for G9

Dawnload Art Theory Face Morphs for G9 for free
Image: Art Theory Face Morphs for G9

Title: Other – Art Theory Face Morphs for G9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Create unique and distinct characters by adjusting their facial proportions using Art Theory Face Morphs! Subtle low values will result in realistic and interesting faces, while high values will yield exaggerated and cartoonish results. These morphs have been created using my many years of experience as an illustrator and closely follow art theory behind facial structure, expression, and rhythm. This means that each morph changes not just singular features but portions of the face that would naturally follow these changes. Not only does this help you create natural faces, but it also respects the topology of the original mesh, leading to smoother transitions and curves.

These morphs work well as standalone options but truly shine in combination with other morphs you might have! In the promos, you can see how these morphs interact with my other products. Alter the proportions of existing Genesis 9 characters or create your own with this carefully designed morph pack.

Home Page: _https://www.renderhub.com/undeadcrabb/art-theory-face-morphs-for-g9

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