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Shades of Life - Bark Booster

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Title: Other – Shades of Life - Bark Booster – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Shades of Life aims to provide the highest fidelity materials possible inside of DAZ Studio, while giving you a unique projection based shader to use them in a wide variety of ways. Each preset uses high resolution 4096x4096 tiled textures with bump and displacement, calibrated to produce results as close to the original surface as possible. The included projection shader allows for you to apply the materials in ways you otherwise couldn't. Surfaces will be applied from your camera's viewpoint regardless of UV mapping, which allows you to easily texture objects that are difficult to UV map (3D fractals for example). It also allows you to seamlessly blend objects together by applying the same materials, and lets you apply the same textures across multiple materials zones without worrying about differences in resolution (where Genesis' neck meets the face). This bark booster set provides you with an additional 24 high quality bark textures not found in my Shades of Life Nature product. Great for texturing your tree sets but also creating a number of unique characters and effects such as Treants or Dryads!

Previous Shades of Life sets are NOT required for this product.

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