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Stop wasting hard drive space and cluttering smart content with Partial Poses! With Pose Details, *any* pose can be used as a partial pose.

Pose Details uses bone locking to precisely and quickly choose the bones you want any pose to apply to. Simply apply Pose Details to the selected or specified body part and bones, apply the pose, and voila! Instant Partial Pose.

Once you are finished, use Clear Pose Details to remove all locks. No need to save (or worry about buying) partial poses. No need to convert full poses to partial poses. Just use ANY pose as a partial pose.

You can even use DIALED poses as a partial pose! Dialed poses do not respect bone locks. However, Pose Details will remember the bone transformations for each character type it locked*. Use the Pose Details Revert Locked Bones, and it will reset locked bones rotations and positions back to what they were when the bones were locked by Pose Details, to what they were before the pose was dialed in.

There are 8 Pose Details scripts usable with any character, and 6 more optimized for use with Genesis 4 through Genesis 8.1.

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