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Ancient Stones- Mossy Walls

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Title: Other – Ancient Stones- Mossy Walls – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Ancient Stones - Mossy Bricks is a powerful way to transform walls, pavements, and any structure by adding layers of moss and lichen all in one shader! Using the 4-layer uber pbr mdl shader that ships with Daz Studio, layers of moss and lichen are added on top of the 14-base masonry and stone shader presents in this bundle.

This gives you control over how much moss or lichen you want to grow in the cracks between stones or on the bricks, and some of the effects found in the utility shaders are subtle and some bold. The shaders masonry shaders come with pre-loaded levels of moss and lichen layers, which can then be adjusted either by using the convenient utility presents included or by opening up the shader panel and editing there.

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