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Title: Other – Poses That Stand Out – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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New to Daz Studio or a combat veteran? We'll bet you didn't know there was a full three hours of content just on how to use the posing tools in Daz Studio. We were surprised too, and the revelations will change the way you pose, forever!

Okay, so get your counting fingers ready...

Changing a bones parameters directly... okay... okay... that's a no-brainer. Everybody knows that one.
Inverse Kinematics, in other words, dragging a part of the body to the position you want in the viewport, while the rest of the body kind'a follows along.
Using Inverse Kinematics with the Universal Tool... the right way!
Using Inverse Kinematics with the Action Pose Tool... the better way!
Using Power Pose with Inverse Kinematics and the Universal Tool.
Using Power Pose by itself with the Action Pose Tool.
Using Pose Controls, a subset of the Parameters Pane... bit it's really different.
Using the Shaping menu... technically not posing, but if it affects the shape, then realistically, yes, it's posing.

Eight! Eight different ways to pose figures in Daz Studio. All with their little quirks. All that are strong in a particular part of the body. And the best part... you can mix and match the methods to find a procedure that works best for you!

Oh yeah, I just remembered, there's another way to pose in Daz Studio, and that's using the Pose Gismo. There are literally so many ways to pose in Daz it's hard to know when to use what! No wonder beginners are overwhelmed and confused.

John Kent methodically explains them all before bringing them all together, like a giant symphony, to demonstrate how they can all be used in concert with each other. How they can be used to speed up your workflow giving your figure a more realistic pose. For example, did you know that Daz Studio has two different kinds of pins for the body? Yep, you heard right. Two!

One called the Universal Pin, because it's applied using the... you guessed it... the Universal Tool. The other is called the Action Pose Pin. Anyone? Hands! Anyone? Yes, the lady down in front. That's right. It's applied with the Action Pose Tool.Think they do the same? You'd be wrong. John explains what each does and how best to utilize this powerful feature that is often overlooked or complete misunderstood. Even by the pros!

Oh, I also forgot that John as a trick for extracting partial poses from full poses. What are we at now? Ten different ways to pose in Daz Studio.

And if you think this product description has a bit of attitude, you'd be right and that's because after we learn about the tools for posing, we delve into what makes the pose realistic and Attitude would be right at the top. If your character doesn't exude attitude, then you've missed your mark. And it's the little things that count... well, unless you're still counting ways to pose in Daz Studio.

Oh, and we haven't forgotten camera angle and focal length... well, we've packed so much information into this tutorial that we'd be wasting your time trying to enumerate it all in this description. Suffice it to say that this is THE Posing Tutorial for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

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