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Desert Cyberpunk HDRIs

Dawnload Desert Cyberpunk HDRIs for free
Image: Desert Cyberpunk HDRIs

Title: Other – Desert Cyberpunk HDRIs – download for Daz Studio or Poser

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/desert-cyberpunk-hdris


It's perfect for your desolated desert renders, cyberpunk renders, and crazy Mad Max-style images. It includes low rez 8k versions for low-end PCs or faster rendering.

It works well for photoshoot-style renders, as well as complete scene-extenders for props, cities, etc. Get the Desert Cyberpunk HDRIs set today and feel the heat!

10 HDRI maps (+10 Low Rez = 20 Maps Total)
360-degree 32 bit HDR Format
16k Resolution
8k Resolution Versions Included
5 HDRIs with Distant Cyberpunk City
Works in any 3D software (With Additional Scale/Gamma/Intensity Adjustments)
NOTE: These maps work with or without camera DOF (Depth Of Field). When using DOF render two images, open in Photoshop, place them in two layers, one above the other, create a mask for the top layer and use a black/white gradient to blend them together as you see fit.

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