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Title: Other – Promo Studio HDRI – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Promo Studio HDRI is a huge set of professional studio lights based around the lighting system I use for many of the promotional renders in my character products. I like to keep things simple, fast, and effective, and that is exactly what this lighting set is. You can have your character lit and ready to render within a few minutes or less!

Promo Studio HDRI is a set of 70 HDRI studio lights (35 Left And 35 Right). They are split into 3 sets.

Set 1 will give you a very soft, even light with very light shadow modeling.

Set 2 will also give you a very soft, even light but with a much more specular highlight projection.

Set 3 will create a lighting environment that is much more moody, with darker shadows to give very definitive modeling to your scenes and characters. Use these with a dark 'Promo Cove' background for very dramatic renders.

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