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Barb Got Wired

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Image: Barb Got Wired

Title: Poses – Barb Got Wired – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Barb Got Wired is a set of very attractive poses for Genesis 9 with popular lightBLUE's "Wired - Barbed Wire".

Barbed Wire goes around the skin and INTENTIONALLY penetrates it with the spikes as it would be in reality if the wire is tightened.

It is aimed for creating critical content with a lot of freedom to interpret.

Poses are aimed for work with decals for blood.
„Blood pack“ by DB XXX is recommended for covering places where „Barbed wire“ spikes penetrate through skin but it is NOT included in this product pack.

Blood is used for promo rendering giving it realistic and terrific effect on skin and it can be placed on the skin anywhere under the spikes of Barbed Wire.

Poses have aggressive and scary vibe for creating such scenarios.

There is no any interaction with the face so it is open for adjusting or loading different ones.

This set of poses does not requires genitals.

Poses and shapings should be paired with appropriate figure with appropriate number.
NOT intended for other figures besides Genesis 9.

Home Page: _https://www.renderotica.com/store/sku/68893_Barb-Got-Wired

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