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Title: Props – Staging Chamber – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Dark, dank and dingy brick or bright and gleaming marble; the choice is yours. This product is a staging chamber for your figures and clothing. Pose your favorite character on a pedestal or inside one of the niches and clothe them with armor or flowing gowns and apply the included statue mats to all the pieces to create an instant statue. Create a secret chamber where your characters can worship the gods or forest deities. This is a perfect fantasy room to create magic in.

This product is for Daz Studio 4+ and for Poser 9+. Both sets contain multiple complete scene subset props with two material choices and separate room props. With the separate room props you can personalize, assemble or enlarge your own room to suit your needs. Also included are camera, light presets and material presets for all room pieces as well as a statue material for turning your figures into stone.

The Daz Studio files include a separate folder each for Iray and 3Delight. You can keep both folders or delete the one that you will not be using. The Poser files contain FireFly materials only.

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