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Modern Book Prop Pack

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Title: Props – Modern Book Prop Pack – download for Daz Studio or Poser


The MBPP has been designed around being used up close, allowing you to incorporate books into your renders without having the quality of the prop take the realism out of the shot. Every aspect of the twenty-one props is meticulously detailed, from unique covers down to individual pages so that you can create your renders at every distance.

Not only does the Modern Book Pack include the 21 unique props and their fully detailed textures, but they also come with a blank variation each, giving you the option to create your own unique book collections if you so choose!

Adding to the ease of use of the MBPP, there are 20 natural, mixed book placement presets, allowing you to effortlessly fill shelves, desks, or even the floor with a variety of books.

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/modern-book-prop-pack

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