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Title: Props – MV Stella – download for Daz Studio or Poser


The MV Stella is a small prospecting, mining, exploration, and cargo vessel, leased as part of the Mars-Jupiter Mining Conglomerate (MJMC) fleet. She typically holds a crew of six, (pilot, copilot, engineer, and three mission specialists). Her five Galleon-Delta low pass engines can sustain 0.8G for up to 28 days on full tanks. Life support is good for 56 days for a 6 person crew on a typical duty cycle. Mounting hard points are provided for two standard cargo modules. A single 2.2 Megawatt pulse laser is provided for light mining duty and basic defense.

This set comes with basic interior decks, visible through the windows (with shutters open). The MV Stella Command Deck and MV Stella Crew Deck interior sets will fit inside the hull, although some parts of both sets will need to be hidden where duplication of parts occurs. Positioning poses are included to align the hull set with each interior (some of the promo renders show the interior sets visible through the windows). This set comes with four paint schemes.

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