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The Druids Grove – A Mystical Scene

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Image: The Druids Grove – A Mystical Scene

Title: Props – The Druids Grove – A Mystical Scene – download for Daz Studio or Poser


The Druids Grove is so much more than the perfect backdrop for your fantasy renders. With its 2 seasonal options (summer and fall) and the fully-loaded scene subsets with the options of including the thick velvety grass or the nicely-detailed ground plane scatters with clumps of wild plants, you can use as many or as few components as you wish, add plants, buildings, or whatever else you'd like to place on its grassy knoll!

Not only does this wonderful scene come with 4 fully-loaded presets, but you can also add to the woodland's edge with some wooded edge strips set to load directly where you need them and fully populated with instanced seasonal trees and shrubs to give the edges of your scene a thicker and lusher feel! (Just make sure that the Druids Ground Subset is set to zero on all x,y, and z axis and is at 100 percent scale when you load them).

Also for your ease of use, the huge number of grass and wildflower instances are set not to show up in your scene until you render or use the Iray preview, thus making sure that your scene can be manipulated without overloading your computer with druidic magic while you do it! No need to do anything as the magic for the summer and fall scenes (with grassy sward) are primed to do this automatically.

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