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Title: Props – Compact Cyberpunk Apartment – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Whether you're running in the shadows or at the bottom of the corporate ladder, you need a place to call home. When space is at a premium, you need the Compact Cyberpunk Apartment from Eclipse Apartments (a subsidiary of Silent Winter corporation).

On a budget but need to live close to the action? Want all the necessities in a minimal space? Need high-speed connection for jacking into the network? Eclipse Apartments presents the Compact Cyberpunk Apartment for all your needs!

The Compact Cyberpunk Apartment is a whole apartment in one small room. There is: a bed and a desk which rotate into the walls when not needed to free up space; a dForce bed sheet; a shower cubicle with a toilet and a sink that hide away in the wall space; an exercise stepper; a collapsible stool; a door-control with security screen to see who's visiting; a nutrient dispenser to take care of the body's needs while the Jacker connects to the net for the mind's adventure. Jacker comes with a morph to lay the cables on the desk for when the desk is stowed.

Also included is: a backdrop with a cyberpunk city-scape - day and night versions; multiple material presets for lighting colors and screen displays (see promos); and individual 'jack' heads to connect with other rigged cables (not included) should you need them.

The floor, walls, ceiling, and shower are separate props/figures and can be easily hidden/deleted to get the camera-angle and lighting that you need.

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