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Title: Props – Everyday Cosmetics – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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Digital women always have beautiful make-up, but how do they get their perfect looks? Easy! They use a great range of professional cosmetics! Everyday Cosmetics has everything a girl needs to make herself look gorgeous, from make-up brushes and false eyelashes to lipstick and perfume. Now your models can sit in front of a mirror and apply mascara or eyeliner, use tweezers, nail varnish, and lip gloss, or wield a hairbrush and hair-dryer. If they're out and about, they can carry a make-up compact or pocket kit with a handy mirror, or even a full eyeshadow kit. Now a girl can look good when she's making herself look good!

Includes 3 full versions - Iray, 3Delight and Poser.

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