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Tanglewood – Storybook Fairy Dell for Daz Studio

Dawnload Tanglewood – Storybook Fairy Dell for Daz Studio for free
Image: Tanglewood – Storybook Fairy Dell for Daz Studio

Title: Props – Tanglewood – Storybook Fairy Dell for Daz Studio – download for Daz Studio or Poser


If you've ever wanted to step into the pages of a fairy-tale, this great woodland dell diorama won't disappoint!

Worthy of a painting, with a large central space and two options of thickly wooded or sparsely wooded, three atmosphere settings ranging from bright sun to long shadows to choose from, and of course the power of your own DS Library contents to boot, you can create a myriad of magical settings with just a couple of clicks.

All of the planting is included as preloaded layers so that if you don't want the whole kit and caboodle you can add the layers prefer - or mix and match them to your taste. (Bear in mind that the trees are intended to be used with the grass and bushes to blend them in so results may vary if you don't use them together.)

The set comes with 29 base models of plants, which can of course be added too, a low(ish) poly base ground with a high detail layered shader on it to increase its detail tenfold. Shaders are included for bark and stone as well as the ground shader - these can be used to add to imported objects to blend them in should you wish to do so. The mushrooms and trees also have two material presents which can be used to change their color!

The camera pre-sets can be added to make your navigation around this little world easier, there are three general pre-sets including one which adds a central and top camera which allows you to move them about to get your desired effect, and two cameras for both preloads which are set at the edges of the glade or pointing up the slopes, and a third specifically set to point at the grassy slopes in pre-set two!

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