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Barbie Corvette for DAZ3D

Dawnload Barbie Corvette for DAZ3D for free
Image: Barbie Corvette for DAZ3D

Title: Props – Barbie Corvette for DAZ3D – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Barbie's 1957 Corvette for Daz3D completely rigged.

This product is an addon for Barbie for Genesis 8 Female but it DOESN'T require the product to work, you can buy it an use it as a standalone, it even comes with a setting to hide the Barbie logo, and the colors available for the 1957's Chevrolet Corvette (C1).

This product contain:

- Barbie's 1957 Corvette (as a prop)

Fully Rigged:
+ Rigged Doors (You can click on the doors and use the rotate tool or use the "Open Door" setting)
+ Rigged Hood and Trunk (same as the door you can rotate or use the settings availables)
- It doesn't have an engine
+ Left / Right for the wheels (select the car and is the only option there)
+ Front Seat (Move Back and Forth)
+ Front Seat Recliner

+ Headlights On
+ Leds On
+ Breaklights On
+ All 4 Blinkers lights separated
+ Lights Off

Colors: (The colors are based on the original available colors for 1957 Corvette)
+ Barbie's Pink Color
+ Arctic Blue
+ Aztec Copper
+ Cascade Green
+ Inca Silver
+ Onyx Black
+ Polo White
+ Venetian Red

- White Walls Tires (They say "Look at me, here I'm, love me")
- Black Walls Tires
- Center Ring Pink (There are more colors when you use the materials for the car)
- Center Ring Metallic

Extra Options:
- Dashboard Lights On/Off
- Barbie's Logo Show/Hide

Home Page: _https://www.renderhub.com/dumitas/barbie-corvette-for-daz3d

Download links:

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