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Utopian Hoverbike – 2 Way Venom

Dawnload Utopian Hoverbike – 2 Way Venom for free
Image: Utopian Hoverbike – 2 Way Venom

Title: Props – Utopian Hoverbike – 2 Way Venom – download for Daz Studio or Poser


The 2 Way Venom is a very versatile Utopian Hoverbike. It can be used to explore distant places, and it can also hold its own in combat, no matter which direction it is attacked from, thanks to its front and rear gatlings. If used in racing, these weapons can be removed and do not hinder the competition.

To make your scene more realistic, you got engine flame, muzzle flash, and energy shots too. The flame has more color options, the energy shots have different styles and color options. Play with the Energy shot styles, combine them, and control from the Parameter tab and you will get really interesting results. See the promo images.

Usually, there are no problems with these bikes, but sometimes unfortunate events can happen due to an enemy bullet (or a stray friendly one) or even some technical malfunction. This is what the warning signal (ALERT) is for, which indicates a malfunction with a strong red light. (You can control it from the hoverbike)

Every hoverbike needs a pilot (who can handle the front Gatling too) and in this case, the rear Gatling needs an assistant too, so there are 2 different Poses. One for the front, one for the back seat. (Genesis 8 Female, Male, and Genesis 9 Feminine and Masculine versions)

There is a FULL preload set with the accessories. You can control them from the Hoverbike, like both gatlings. Turn them on or off as you wish. Note, before saving the scene, turn them off, otherwise next time they will be hidden and the controls will work the opposite way.

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