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Muelsfell Mystical Obelisks

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Image: Muelsfell Mystical Obelisks

Title: Props – Muelsfell Mystical Obelisks – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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In ages past, ancient people built obelisks believing they would protect their souls from dark energy. In the modern-day, these triumphs of architecture are still something to marvel at, sparking remembrance of the old world.

But there is no reason to stop there! With the Muelsfell Mystical Obelisks set, fantasy, magic, and Sci-Fi can all combine to tell stories limited only by your imagination. Whether you need a magical anchor to center your dark sorcery or a foreboding testament to a forgotten empire, or even some wonderful visual interest to contrast with your favorite character, these obelisk figures provide the variety you need to tell the stories you want.

Includes several obelisk figures: a floating obelisk, a large obelisk in a courtyard, a techno Sci-Fi obelisk, a basic column obelisk, an obelisk made of bone, a jungle obelisk, and additional props such as a standing torch, and poses and emissive settings for the floating obelisk. Each of these figures is useful in many different settings.

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