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The Elven Carriage (E1VV101-3DS)

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Image: The Elven Carriage (E1VV101-3DS)

Title: Props – The Elven Carriage (E1VV101-3DS) – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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The Elven Carriage is elegant personal transportation - decorated with fine elven patterns and light leather interior. A sensible shock system keeps the ride smooth. While many elves are happy to simply walk or ride horses or domesticated fantastic creatures such as griffons and dragons - the nobility prefer serene travel. The Vue and Bryce versions have pre-lit lamps with native gold shaders! Contents -3DS format model + 1024x1024 texture map -Poser 5+ PP2 Prop Version - works with Poser 7! -Vue VOB Object file - works with Vue 6! -Bryce Br5 Object file - works with Bryce 6! The Elven Carriage is part of Meshbox Design's Elven Village series - Elven Village encompasses not only 3D models but royalty free music that thematically complements your animation, film and podcasts.

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