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Title: Props – DD Science Lab Glassware – download for Daz Studio or Poser

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DD Science Lab Glassware has been created with high-quality, accuracy and detail in mind, adding realism to any scene. Load individual props or use the premade experiments and edit them or mix and match to suit your taste.

In addition to glassware there are other essential props such as stands, test tube rack, Bunsen burner and flexible tubing with plenty of morphs so you can bend and twist it to your heart's content.

The fill-able glassware props come in 3 versions: empty, with liquid, or with liquid and bubbles, which is most ideal for depicting boiling liquid when you turn up the turbulent liquid morph dial. Use the condensation or grime presets for an extra touch of realism.

Liquid levels on each piece are controlled with a single ERC dial, which also works on glassware with curved sides. You can even control the liquid level on the inner coil of the Graham Condenser. Great for getting your scene to look exactly how you want it.

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