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FPE Colorful Tattoos for Genesis 9

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Image: FPE Colorful Tattoos for Genesis 9

Title: Textures – FPE Colorful Tattoos for Genesis 9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


"FPE Colorful Tattoos" are applied to any Genesis 9 character via a Geoshell Wearable for an efficient, flexible, and highly customizable non-destructive workflow.

For those unfamiliar with Geoshells, think of this wearable as an extra layer of skin for your Genesis 9. The Tattoos are applied to this Wearable, ensuring your character's skin remains untouched and allowing you to customize the settings to ensure a perfect blend. Getting rid of the tattoos is as easy as hiding this Geoshell or deleting from the scene.

While the tattoos lean towards a feminine aesthetic, you can still apply them to male characters. Three types of Skin (Light, Midtone, and Dark) Material Presets will help the tattoos blend better with your character regardless of skin color.

Also included as part of the utility presets to help you blend the tattoos into the skin are three Presets to change the translucency and the intensity. Higher Translucency presets will yield a better blend at the cost of the tattoo color (it will darken it). In contrast, lower Translucency will yield a more colorful tattoo but may not blend well with dark skin.

The intensity presets, meanwhile, refer to the cutout opacity of the shell. While we have included three presets to control the opacity, you can always manually adjust the number via the surface tab to give it an even more faded look by lowering the opacity.

This pack includes 16 different Tattoo Designs. The Bee tattoo has three placements (hand, forearm, and calf). The Forearm Fangs Tattoo also has an alternate version placed on the abs. In addition, 13 of the tattoos have a mirror option, totaling 32 Tattoo LIE Presets to choose from!

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