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Skin Detail Resource 4

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Title: Textures – Skin Detail Resource 4 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


HS Skin Detail Resource 4 Alphas

Discover new skin realism possibilities with Genesis 8.1 Skin Detail maps. There are 16 tiling micro skin textures with material poses to apply to Genesis 8.1 Female. They are seamlessly tiling; each one has a pattern, normal and roughness version. Made to help you work with the Genesis 8.1 "Detail Normal Map" and "Detail Specular Roughness Mult" channels. The effect is an all-over soft, beautiful skin halo that reacts to your lighting.

In this collection, you also get 45 alphas for various useful general skin details and focal points like cheek, knee, nipple, foot, hand plus many more. Alphas can be used in other programs like Zbrush for sculpting and with texture fill brushes in Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop for bump map creation. Two versions of each alpha are included, one with a black background and one with a 50% grey. One version or the other will work with most programs. Processed in such a way that they can be sized up or down quite a bit without loss or distortion. The pattern version of the tiling textures can be used that way as well.

Merchant Resource for character creation, if you combine them onto a single UV bump or skin detail map use as many as you like, if redistributing a tiling map and mat pose for Genesis 8.1 female, please limit to one per character.

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/skin-detail-resource-4

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