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Underwater Relics Shaders Iray

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Image: Underwater Relics Shaders Iray

Title: Textures – Underwater Relics Shaders Iray – download for Daz Studio or Poser


In time, the ocean claims all that gets lost there. These ghostly relics become shelters for sea life and artifacts of exploration. Underwater Relics includes 21 shader presets and 43 Iray Uber Shader utilities that can be used with other shader presets and default surfaces/textures on your figures and props. Underwater relics usually have no highlights, so these utilities include several glossy options for props and figures above the water.

Among the presets are solid surfaces for wood (at 0 and 90-degree rotation), stone, metal, and cutout presets that can be used on glass, geoshells, fabric, wings, plants, etc. When using these shaders on geoshells for figures, be sure to lower displacement, turn off the visibility for the eyes and mouth, and you may need to increase the geoshell offset. See the promos for tips and features.

Some additional tips are included on the Readme Page.

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/underwater-relics-shaders-iray

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