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dForce Invictus Sol Outfit for Genesis 9

Dawnload dForce Invictus Sol Outfit for Genesis 9 for free
Image: dForce Invictus Sol Outfit for Genesis 9

Title: Clothing – dForce Invictus Sol Outfit for Genesis 9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


There are forces of great power that exist. From Necromancers, who raise the dead to do their bidding... to the greatest sinners of magic, who control and wreak havoc. But none are more feared than Di Inferi: Gods of the Underworld, who wield flames.

Invictus Sol (Unconquerable Sun in Latin) is at its core, a fantasy outfit that is fit for Sorcery or Necromancy, or even a warrior as you choose. It is a little bit arcane magic and armor combined. But with the flames included and special modes, you can turn this sorceress into a powerful pyromancer that burns with the heat of the sun.

The set includes a 10 piece outfit that is dForce compliant. So you can choose to use the epic windblown look that the included poses will yield, or you can simulate it for a more dynamic appeal. There is also a fire staff included, as no sorceress would be caught dead without it! Finally, there are flame conformers for her head, eyes and hands that are included as well, to turn her into a full blown pyromancer.

This set is also packed with materials. For the clothing, there are 6 color sets included with each mode, and you can choose from three modes: Imperial, Revenant and Sentinel. Each mode has a different aesthetic of war-torn, regal and leather and chainmail clad. But this set also has an extra special mode: Inferi, which makes certain features of the outfit come alive with a burning glow, turning her into a fearsome fire goddess. Even the hand and hair flames included have four modes as well: Classic Fire, Dark Fire, Mystic Fire and Tribal Fire (Of note: the eye flames and glowing Genesis eyes only have one, as they work with all the modes)

Also included are utility mats, which turn off certain parts and change the outfit's look, for ultimate kitbashability. You can whittle this down to a bodysuit, if you so wish. The hand flames can also have off mats for all its parts, so you can shoot lightning, fireballs, or turn the fireball into a single flame (additionally using an included morph to do so).

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