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Ron's Sparks and Embers

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Image: Ron's Sparks and Embers

Title: Other – Ron's Sparks and Embers – download for Daz Studio or Poser

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/rons-sparks-and-embers


Small embers flying through the air, glowing sparkles gleaming in the night, beautiful long wisps of fire strands reaching to the sky. Wonderful warm colors emitting sparks that just sparkle that add a sense of excitement to any illustration. You can achieve this with this set.

I bring large already made background overlays in Photoshop and simply turn them to screen mode. Rotate, enlarge do what you like, also these flaming sparks and embers are in PNG format that can easily be dragged and dropped. They are all numbered and I gave you a .PDF so you can view or scroll through to find the perfect one. As always I have provided you with some custom made Photoshop Brushes and layer styles. Add a blank layer, add a style, get a brush and experiment and have fun.

Thank you all, we are going through some tough times now but they will get better. Also thank you to some special friends that helped me get this project to you. Again, thanks for supporting me and my family...have a great and creative day.

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