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Title: Other – V3D HDR Creator – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Have you ever struggled to set up your figures in a complex scene? Have you ever been despaired when your scene takes hours to render because it is too heavy for your computer? Or do you want to feel super comfortable and not worry about the weight of your 3D surrounding environment when you play with your main characters in the scene? Or maybe you just want to speed up your renders? Don't worry anymore: V3D HDR Creator is made for you!

Simply create HDR images of your 3D environments and apply them in any scene in the blink of an eye! V3D HDR Creator will optimize this workflow for you, allowing you to reach your ultimate goal: make a great render super easily!

V3D HDR Creator is a set of scripts that will allow you to add 360-degree cameras in a single click either at the horizontal center of your scene or at the perspective view location. Two scripts are then available to process your renders using a single camera or all the cameras created:

EXR Creator processes the renders of HDR images that can be used directly as environment maps. Any image rendered with this script can be at any time saved from within the script in a new basic render settings preset, which can be called directly from your Content Library. Loading this basic render-settings preset from your content will load this HDR exr image as the new environment map for your scene.

Png xEV Creator proposes an alternative way to create your HDRI Environment Maps. It allows you to enter a set of exposure values and to batch render a set of 360-degree png images for all these exposure values. Those images can then be recombined in an external software, such as Photoshop, in order to create an HDR image that you can load as your new environment map. Png xEV Creator can be used in any scene and is especially recommended for scenes where light effects (fog, haze, bloom, etc.) are an important part of your scene mood or scene lightning.

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/v3d-hdr-creator

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