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Sonsy Weight Gain System for Genesis 8 Male

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Image: Sonsy Weight Gain System for Genesis 8 Male

Title: Other – Sonsy Weight Gain System for Genesis 8 Male – download for Daz Studio or Poser


This new pack brings the SONSY WEIGHT GAIN SYSTEM to Genesis 8 Male base figure. It is a stand-alone product and does not require the installation of anything but the basic Genesis 8 Male figure to work. It allows the user to adjust the body shape and mass of the figure in a variety of ways. It also includes the SONSY GAIN MORPHS which allow the user to increase the figure's perceived weight in single pound increments ranging from 1 to 200 pounds. If we imagine the basic six foot male to average between 180-220 pounds, then the options here allow the user to double the figure's imagined weight. Just like the female version of the system, you can dial in specific weight amounts, such as 35 pounds or 148 pounds. There are four master dials which control the variety of preset parameters - each one responsible for adding 50 pounds to the figure's mass.

There are a total of 50 body morphs ---- BUT WAIT! Always wanted to yell that...ha, ha! As an included bonus, I've added in some facial fix morphs for Genesis 8 Male that give the user 11 extra morphs to fix the figure's facial issues such as eyes side-to-side and downward. There's also a special morph to open the mouth and adjust the double chin to accomodate the open mouth position. I will probably release a larger face shaping package for Genesis 8 Male later on (as I have with Genesis 8 Female) - but for now consider this a pre-release bonus for those who purchase the SONSY SYSTEM for the male figure. All morphs are contained in one downloadable file but will install in two separate directories (Face & Weight Gain).

Home Page: _https://www.renderhub.com/heviestate3d/sonsy-weight-gain-system-for-genesis-8-male

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