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Pole Station

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The station itself is composed of 1 main building, which houses living and socializing quarters, surrounded by numerous outbuildings that are used for science and facilities maintenance.

To get around, you have at your disposal a special traction truck with tracks and fully equipped with measuring equipment, also known as the SnowTruck. But beware. When you live in a location where every direction is considered North, a new convention is required. A grid system superimposed over the pole is used to provide some navigational orientation. Grid directions 340 degrees and 110 degrees form 2 edges of the triangular-shaped Clean Air Sector, and it is from between those 2 edges that wind is blowing from across the continent approximately 90% of the time. Each day, they monitor the wind speed and direction to ensure that the cleanest air possible is reaching our inlets to be measured and sampled with minimal impact from the main station building or vehicles.

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