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1stB Useful Cliffs 3 Vignettes Scenes

Dawnload 1stB Useful Cliffs 3 Vignettes Scenes for free
Image: 1stB Useful Cliffs 3 Vignettes Scenes

Title: Props – 1stB Useful Cliffs 3 Vignettes Scenes – download for Daz Studio or Poser


A high-quality realistic cliff face can come in handy as a landscape element or as a backdrop.

1stB Useful Cliffs 3 Vignettes Scenes delivers just that: a high-quality 17-foot by 25-foot real-world cliff model for your renders. It also includes adjustment morphs to add variety to the model when placed beside each other. Lift one corner, drop down the other one and create a bit of an alcove. The built-in morphs offer that flexibility.

To showcase the versatility, there are 3 unique vignette scenes with SunSky lights and already-placed cameras included to have you rendering quickly. The set also includes a few poses for Genesis 8 Female positioned within each vignette. Each scene has at least 3 positioned Daz Studio cameras and 2 Depth of Field (DOF) cameras already set up for your rendering needs. Simply drop in a character, set the pose, and hit render. The SunSky lighting and included cameras will deliver the promo quality seen.

The 3 vignettes include a sheer cliff wall with a ledge that is precarious and isolating, offering only a little shelter from the blistering wind. A rocky mountain pass that leads to somewhere else is always a helpful option when telling a story or setting up an ambush. A shallow water inlet surrounded by rocks makes a great swimming or diving location. Each scene is assembled with individual props, allowing you to move, hide, or customize any of these as needed.

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