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SFP Steampunk Staffs for Genesis 9

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Image: SFP Steampunk Staffs for Genesis 9

Title: Props – SFP Steampunk Staffs for Genesis 9 – download for Daz Studio or Poser


These precious staffs act as a conduit to channel the energy of the world, allowing the user to cast a wide variety of magic. Each staff has its own distinct function and purpose, from healing and protection to offensive and destructive magic.

SFP Steampunk Staffs are extremely rare and highly sought after. That said, their origin and true purpose remain a mystery. Discovered by archeologists in an old temple, these staffs are a relic of a forgotten time and have the potential to make and break entire nations.

SFP Steampunk Staffs were designed under the following concepts:

The Staff of Duna is known as a powerful instrument of mercy, granting the wielder the ability to heal even those on the brink of death. If the right amount of energy is channeled, it is rumored that the staff can even regenerate missing limbs! This magical staff is a beacon of hope in dark times, providing a chance to restore health and vitality to those in need.

The Staff of Pento is a formidable weapon, capable of manipulating and amplifying vibrations on the ground. Legend tells of a user who once wielded it to lay waste to an entire city, leaving a large scar on the earth in its wake.

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