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Wild West Outpost

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Title: Props – Wild West Outpost – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Perched upon a cliff crafted by the hands of men, fashioned from wood and steel, akin to the construction of a railway bridge.

This town, aptly named "Last Hope's Cliff," reveals to you a multitude of offerings: drink establishments, lodgings, a dental office/a shaving salon, an Eastern-style bathhouse with clean water, a well-stocked grocery, undertakers, carpenter and embalmer, tents for sale, a chapel tent for contemplation, and of course, an unconventional police station (housed within a train carriage) where the sheriff assumes the dual role of law keeper and judge.

Indeed, security reigns supreme in this settlement! No tolerance for spitting, fighting, cursing, or wielding weapons. It's strictly prohibited. We hold dear the tranquility of our fellow citizens.

So, come take a pause in this place, for it may very well be your last, stranger.

This ensemble is comprised of 107 meticulously crafted props and attention has been given to the work of the textures for an authentic and real appearance. Our aim was to replicate buildings rarely seen in the typical towns of the Wild West, emphasizing authenticity and originality.

Among these elements, you will discover remarkable examples such as an authentic dentist's chair from that era, the unassuming cabins that served as saloons, bathhouses adorned with captivating advertisements, a railroad wagon repurposed as a police station, as well as craftsmen like an embalmer/undertaker and carpenter. The church is also represented in the form of a tent, reminiscent of the era of Western expansion.

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