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The Storm Riders Airship

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Image: The Storm Riders Airship

Title: Props – The Storm Riders Airship – download for Daz Studio or Poser


Why, I do wish to present to y'all for your viewin' pleasure, the finest Airship this side of the Great Divide! Why yes it is, this is indeed the Famed ship from the Dread SkyPirate Captain herself! This ship is the one that evaded the Garboth Blockade AND made the Tressa Run in just under 13 kegs. But enough about her illustrious past all of which you already know!

She has room for 30 passengers and crew, more if you get cozy, and has ample space for stretching the legs! If you want to get Stary-eyed, have no fear! She has a widow's walk along her upper spine! She's perfectly tame for those who wish for a smooth ride, and more than capable of handling the worst you can throw at her! What's that, Do you fear OTHER SkyPirates?

Well, let me tell you something, in addition to her WELL STOCKED Armory, we also have five, count them, FIVE guns with which to defend yourself! Now that may not sound like much, and indeed it does not. However, two of these guns are more than capable of blasting any other Airship out of the sky if you have a skilled eye. The other three, you ask? Well, they're capable of punching through the armor of a Battleship at no less than a thousand yards, or reaching even further with pin-point accuracy!

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