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Title: Props – Hybrid Trees Ultimate – download for Daz Studio or Poser

Home Page: _https://www.daz3d.com/hybrid-trees-ultimate


The Ultimate craftsmanship technology in 3D Trees design, after years of research.

This trees are under 100K polys and still good for close ups, designed for mid range distance and close ups.

Because they are built using quads hard surface techniques, one can use Sub-D and displacement for close up´s and it will still hold great, at the same time one still has the option to change the materials of Bark and leaves hence the Hybrid naming. Making this trees extremely versatile in a wide range of projects.

Efficiency Increase:

The trees now came in groups Trunk, Roots, Branches, Stems and Leaves, so one can add, Sud-D and or displacement to a particular part without increasing the number of polys in the rest of the tree.

One can also use dForce to animate the leaves falling down since they are in a different group.

Hybrid Materials:

This trees are compatible with the previous Hybrid Trees products Materials, so one will have dozens of material options to choose from if owned the previous Trees Materials.

Keep in mind the materials will always need minor tweaking, like in Iray if use with HDRI to put the base color and Glossy color to white this will give a more realistic look. Also you can and should tweak the displacement of the trunk roots branches and stems to increase or diminish the detail, keep in mind by doing that you are increasing or shrinking the silhouette of the tree.

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